Coronavirus: Israel Police Arrest Ultra-Orthodox Jews as Part of Anti-Gathering Measures

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Israeli police officers wearing protective gear detain ultra-Orthodox Jews praying in a Yeshiva because of the government’s new social distancing regulations, in Bnei Brak, a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, April 2. ————————— READ MORE: ‏On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a police cordon around the largely ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, ….  Read More

3 AB Moves With A Stability Ball

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29 Jul 3 AB Moves With A Stability Ball Posted at 12:41h in Workouts by Natalie Jill These will totally work your abs and core! All you need is a stability ball  ABS, CORE, OBLIQUES 3 moves with a stability ball (and with modifications below) Forearm rollouts from the your knees. Side lifts. ….  Read More

when it will and won’t work

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L-carnitine has risen in popularly with active supplement use cases for: weight loss, brain function, exercise performance, circulation, and recovery.Considered inexpensive and generally safe, there really isn’t any reason for supplement formulators not to weigh the inclusion of this ingredient (1).Though, the actual results produced by l-carnitine may be rather lackluster for its most popular ….  Read More

Mediterranean Diet, an Italian-Israeli research project

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CAPRII – Children Alimentary Personalized Research Italy Israel, is the first international pilot study on personalization of the Mediterranean Diet initiated by the Department of Translational Medical Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II, together with the two Israeli institutes Schneider Children’s Medical Center and Weizmann Institute of Science. In the video, recorded on ….  Read More