Miss Universe 2021 Predictions – Top 12 Strongest Candidates – Early favourites 😍 | Luis Portelles

Here are my Miss Universe 2021 Predictions based on my Top 12 Strongest contestants and Early Favourites to win the Miss Universe crown this December in Israel.
I have been wanting to film a Miss Universe 2021 Predictions video for quite some time but before I wanted to make sure I got to know the candidates enough to be able to add some value. So, after doing some research I am excited to present to you my Miss Universe 2021 Predictions: Top 12 Strongest candidates and Early favourites. What this means is that as of today in my opinion these are some of the most capable contestants, however, this ranking and top picks list overall can change at any time based on the candidate’s performance during Miss Universe 2021.
I know how strongly Miss Universe fans feel about their candidates so rest reassured that if your candidate did not make it into my list it does not mean they are not capable of winning the Miss Universe 2021 Crown. This Top 12 Early Picks List is based on my personal opinion and observations of the Miss Universe 2021 Delegates.
Let me know if you agree with my Miss Universe 2021 Predictions and my Top 12 Strongest candidates and Early favourites.
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List of candidates:
Miss Universe Puerto Rico
Miss Universe Brazil
Miss Universe India
Miss Universe Paraguay
Miss Universe Thailand
Miss Universe Philippines
Miss Universe Colombia
Miss Universe Vietnam
Miss Universe Venezuela
Miss Universe South Africa
Miss Universe Namibia
Miss Universe Argentina


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