Pakistan Army Conducted Exercise With VT-4 MBT And Other Fighting Vehicles – Advance Pakistan

Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army arrived to witness the culmination phase of a corps-level exercise, involving the I Strike Corps (Mangla) of the Pakistan Army, aimed at validating operational concepts as a sequel to annual Pakistan Army wargames. On arrival, the COAS was received by Corps Commander I Strike Corps and Commander Pakistan Army Central Command, Lieutenant-General Shaheen Mazhar Mehmood followed by a comprehensive briefing on the exercise.
The exercise was aimed at enhancing operational preparedness of formations, encompassing defensive and offensive tasks for various contingencies and involved employment of state-of-the-art VT-4 main battle tanks and combat air support from the Pakistan Air Force. VT-4 tanks also displayed ability to shoot down incoming aerial threats, including loitering munitions, via their remote weapon stations.
COAS appreciated the operational readiness and professionalism of participating troops.
COAS stressed that realistic training in peace time is must to meet any eventuality. “Continued practice of operational drills is imperative for effective response to wide ranging threats,” COAS emphasised .



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