Rejecting Israel’s Apartheid – From Labour Conference to Military Conscription

Mark Seddon is live with two special guests this week, shining a light on current efforts to reject Israel’s apartheid.

We’ll be exploring both the recent motion passed at Labour Party conference in the UK rejecting Israeli apartheid and calling for sanctions, and also the work of young conscientious objectors refusing to serve in Israel’s military.

We’re delighted to be joined by:

Ben Jamal, Director of the UK’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Mattan Helman, a conscientious objector who refused to be conscripted into the Israeli military, serving 110 days in prison as a result. He now sits on the Board of the Refuser Solidarity Network.
Don’t miss this important live show, streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday 6th October at 2pm ET // 7pm UK // 9pm Palestine.

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