Iranian International Affairs Expert: Israel Launching Operations against Iran from Azerbaijan

Iranian international affairs expert Mostafa Khoshcheshm said in an October 2, 2021 interview on Ofogh TV (Iran) that Azerbaijan only survived its late-20th-century conflict with Armenia thanks to the intervention of the IRGC and the Qods Force. He said that Israel is today collaborating with Turkey to attack Iran through Azerbaijan and that many Israeli “terror” operations against Iran, such as assassinations and the 2018 operation in which Mossad agents stole thousands of documents from Iran’s nuclear archives, have been launched from Azerbaijan.

Khoshcheshm also said that Iran and its resistance axis have been fighting the presence of the Mossad and the IDF in Kurdistan and other parts of the Middle East, and he claimed that IDF Colonel Sharon Asman, who died in July 2021 during a fitness exercise, had actually been assassinated in an Iranian drone strike against Mossad headquarters in Kurdistan. In addition, Khoshcheshm said that Iran will not tolerate the presence of Salafi groups along the Iran-Azerbaijan borders, any form of Israeli presence near Iranian territory, or any change in its borders with Azerbaijan. For more information about Mostafa Khoshcheshm, see MEMRITV clip no 9039.


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