Gay USA 10/6/2021

∎ Our guest is Bennett Singer, co-director of the documentary “CURED” about how early gay and lesbian activists got the APA to drop homosexuality from its index of mental disorders in 1973—a monumental victory. (“CURED” airs on PBS on October 11th.)
∎ Mass demonstrations from coast to coast demand protection of the constitutional right to abortion.
∎ A Big Ten marching band comes out for LGBTQ pride at half-time.
∎ HS students in Texas stand up for their transgender classmate.
∎ We mourn a Disney teen film star fired for being gay in the 1960s, the only out lesbian to have served in the Knesset, a leading trans activist in NC, an AIDS advocate who saved thousands of lives securing access to HIV drugs through ADAP, and another young Black trans woman shot to death.


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