Diet & Estrogen hormone – healthy skin, fertility, women's reproductive health

I speak about the ‘estrogen’ hormone, a female sex hormone.
Out of all the hormones, this is one to remember for women out there!
It’s not only crucial for your reproductive health but also your overall health and wellbeing such as reducing risk of women cancers, and also impacts on your heart & bone health.
I give my personal experience with using ‘medications/pills’ to temporarily fix the issue of my hormonal imbalance. I found it was caused unpleasant symptoms, and especially the health risks it had in the long-run such as infertility etc.
I chose to stop the medications that didn’t feel like was aligned with what I was looking for. I always wanted to follow natural remedies including nutrition, exercise and natural medicines (e.g. herbs, spices).
Currently exploring natural foods & other natural remedies for balancing hormones (women-specific). Love to share more on this with you all!
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