Ketogenic Diet may cure Autism


Ketogenic Diet may cure Autism

I believe that Autism is a viral disease .
1. First virus infects the intestine (Ileocolitis)
2. Virus spreads into the organism and damages capillaries (Vasculitis).
3. Damages of neurons in the brain (Encephalitis)
The final cure will be achieved by virus interference which is described in other presentations. You search for a virus which protects capillaries against the invader. I call it Rubin virus.
Recently I learned about the advantage of the ketogenic diet and believe that it might cure autism. “First designed and tested as an anticonvulsant dietetic protocol in 1921 (Wilder, 1921), after nearly a century KDs are still used for the treatment of epilepsy, especially the pediatric drug resistant forms”

I have no doubt that ketogenic diet is the preferred treatment of epilepsy. I understand also why medicine still hesitates. There is a fundamental flaw in medical reasoning which will become clearer as I explain the merit of the ketogenic diet.

The starving human being embodies a law of nature. “By all means keep brain running!” All along starvation organs relinquish their resources to keep brain functioning. Ketone bodies keep brain running.
Seizures are an outcry of a brain whose energy resources run out. Drugs silence brain!
Starvation illustrates the general flaw of medical reasoning:
Medicine regards symptoms as pathologies.
Medicine treats symptoms and ignores the whole.
Pathology is a misnomer since most pathologies are protective measures which I call repair.
Autism is an indicator of repair. Autism and epilepsy obey the law of biology: Keep your brain running by all means. Ketogenic diet keeps it running. 1
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