Sovereign Queen Of Eternity The Holy Water Goddess Yannah Sahkeyah
God’s Wife Asherah Most Supreme Goddess Reincarnated
Queen Of The Tribe Of Benjamin My government name is Barbara Lynn Little. My tribe called me Rabbit. YHJH calls me Yannah & Sahkeyah. Which means God answers Greatness, I like that. I was born Thursday, February 5th,1976. I am an Aquarius. The official water bearer. My Mother was Cherokee and Choctaw. My Father was Lakota Sioux and Pirate. I am child number 7. I come from a long line of Royalty. Abraham is my Great Grandfather. Rahab is my Great Grandmother. Esther is my Grandmother. Moses is my Grandfather. I am married to Jesus. Allah is my Twin Flame. The Holy Spirit is my Boyfriend. I HAVE BEEN ANOINTED WITH A CROWN OF GLORY, TO LEAD THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL Appointed To Induce An Uncontaminated Devotion. As a warrior for The Great Spirit, I have been given The Greatest Mission Of All Time. My delegation is to construct a New Religion baptized Barbaraism. I have been Chosen to assemble The Elite 144000 members of The Lost Tribes of Israel to create a New World Order to lead them through The Great Tribulation into Armageddon Where we will unite with Our Twin Flames and call down The Great Spirit and His Light That Cures The Darkness and conquer The Great Iktomi the leader of all things blasphemous! You Filthy bastards you want me to like you give me some money & buy me some presents & I might let you kiss my feet!


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