MAX OUT MONDAY (w/ FAIL FOOTAGE) with the GYM Bros – 390lb/177kg bench at 155lb/70kg bodyweight

Family: 0:00
Fitness: 4:30
Fishing (or at least I tried!): 17:39

Team UFpwrLifters, giving these videos a thumbs up is so much appreciated as are your comments and dialogue below. You all motivate me to stay on top of this stuff as I try to grow my gym community by spreading positive vibes through meaningful interactions at the gym and in the comments section.

White color captions: information I want viewers to know. Amount of weights, my thoughts and anything not verbally communicated during the video.

Color captions: my first attempt at trying to match the color to the person’s shirt. Won’t always work if we’re wearing the same color or if someone (like in this video) is wearing a black shirt.

Re title: I have not tried to max out since 11/2018’s competition where I failed miserably. I work up to heavy singles often, but an actual max attempt and the build up to it is much different and it’s very taxing (I’m skipping my Wed session and will be back possibly Thursday or Friday). It has been a lot of fun watching Doug progress and getting to know him more. Can’t wait till he hits 315! I need to get more used to touch n go reps, but happy with 390 for now. My current programming is based off of a 395 1rm and I’m hitting all of the reps so I plan to continue this while acknowledging my progression will be much slower due to where I am in my journey, but I am still enjoying being where I am and that’s the mindset needed to stay in this for the long haul! Enjoy my shameless fails (390 bench and 250 squat) 😂

My diet for this noon session:
-breakfast at 7:30am per picture in video
-finish morning cup of coffee at 9am
-finish 2 cups of water before 11am
-lunch at 11am per picture in video
-finish second cup of coffee (like a preworkout?) by 11:45
-meet at gym at noon to try to time the atmosphere I’m looking for

Learnings from this special session to work on my weaknesses:
-consistently incorporate db flat presses
-consistently incorporate close grip triceps
-consistently incorporate tng reps

Questions/Feedback request:
-what are your cues for touch n go reps?
-do you prefer touch n go or paused reps?
-feel free to share feedback on OHP/squat form-TIA
-have you hit the LIKE button? 😇

Please share in the comments section about the feedback I requested above to keep this a helpful and engaging community.

I appreciate you being here and I look forward to making more videos for you in 2021! If you’re interested in supporting the channel in other ways, check out my merchandise store at:

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