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Say The Word recorded live from the Mt. of Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Another different take of the song with Jad leading this one. This one meant a lot to us as the whole album EMPIRES was written around the beatitudes – so to be standing where Jesus may have preached the greatest sermon of all was truly breathtaking.

The idea with of Dirt and Grace was to show the songs from Empires in a different light and record where Jesus walked.

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Say The Word
Words and Music by Joel Houston
© 2015 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI Song No. 7037920

Say the word and there is light
Say the word and dead bones rise
Every start and end hangs on Your voice
For Your Word never returns void

Written in a billion skies
Speaking to this heart of mine
All that I am with all creation
Hanging on every word that You’ve spoken
And it will not be shaken
Clinging for life to all Your promise
Hanging on every word that You say

It will remain
And my soul will hang on every word
You say

Word made flesh You wrote in grace
Promise kept through cross and grave
Over words of stone You spelled out love
And when You say it is done
It is done

It will remain
And my soul will hang on every word that You say
Cause I know Your Word will never ever fail
And my soul will hang on every word You say


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