Devos w Dee How to Cope with Loss

If you haven’t experienced any struggles or aggravations in life, nor ever expect to, you are from a different planet. One thing is for sure, if human, difficult trials & predicaments will come up. They may vary in origin, type, ferocity & magnitude, but they’ll surely come. The Bible says, when these negative situations do occur, none are so rare, that others have not dealt with it as well. Therefore, no matter how big or small the hardship, how long it lasts, how temporary or permanent the consequences, we must cope. Maybe, you have coped well, and at other times you haven’t. Having healthy ways to cope (coping mechanisms) will allow us to face adversity, instead of avoiding it or using potentially destructive behaviors. God through His Word can show us a better way to cope. And thankfully, the Holy Spirit will help with our shortcomings, in order to deal with the messiness of life!


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