Afternoon Livestream With Egil Thorsson | Mental Health And Well-being | Ask Egil Anything

All being well Egil will make it this Friday for the live stream. Egil plans to talk about mental health and mental well-being. The stream will start at around 4:30pm Gmt UK and we plan for it to last over 3 hours. We will begin the stream talking about mental health. We have more subjects to talk about too.

Have a question for Egil Thorsson then please ask in the comments section before and during the 2nd part of the stream

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We are a Derby-based and from the United Kingdom with the channel hosted by Vikings Bragi Magnarsson and Egil Thorsson. We teach about Anglo Saxon and Viking history. The original aim of this channel is to build a large database of traditional folktales and stories from the Viking sagas. This is a mission we are continuing to work on with publishing weekly folktales. We also publish weekly history content. Egil Thorsson studied Archaeology at York University in the 1980s and has been a Viking re-enactor for over 30 years and grew up in Kent.
Bragi Magnarsson was born in Derby in the late 20th century and has a passion for history, traditional crafts, and storytelling. He spent many years re-enacting with the American Civil War Society UK and has over 25 years of experience re-enacting from the Iron age to WW2. The aim of this channel is to be both fun and entertaining with the aim to always improve the content from filming techniques to editing and to continue building a family-friendly community.
The first channel host and Viking historian and storyteller and re-enactor Tyrkir Thorkelsson has been a Viking and Anglo-Saxon re-enactor since the mid-1980s and was one of the first people to have a business going around the school’s system teaching both Anglo Saxon and /Viking history whilst dressed as a Viking. He is well known for telling tales from the Viking Sagas.

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