We all want, and need, to get in shape, burn some calories, and develop leaner and stronger muscles. How do we do that? By living a healthy lifestyle, eating the right food, and exercising everyday! The answer is simple, but the process is lengthy and difficult!

In today’s new workout video, we’re showing you a full-body workout that you can do for 30 minutes at home so you can drop as much as 3kg in 10 days! This workout is packed with powerful body weight exercises that engage a lot of your muscles and will burn a lot of energy, thus effectively burning fat without the use of any gym equipment!

Just remember that in order to lose weight, you need to create a specific calorie deficit. This means that the amount of calories your body has to burn needs to be greater than the amount of calories that you eat. You need to control the number of calories that you eat and burn more calories so that your daily workout will be more effective!

Do this exercise everyday for the next one week to see remarkable changes in your body. And not only will you look sexier, you’ll FEEL sexier, too!
So good luck and let’s start this journey to a slimmer body!❤️💪

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00:00 Windmill
00:53 Step Back Jacks
01:38 Ski Jacks
02:29 Rest
02:46 Lateral Arm Circles
03:31 Rest
03:48 Body Extensions
04:26 Rest
04:58 Knee Drive
05:29 Rest
06:01 Jumping Jacks
06:42 Rest
07:24 Forward Jump
08:07 Rest
08:39 Slow Burpees
09:37 Rest
10:19 Slow Mountain Climber
10:57 Rest
11:39 Skater Jumps
12:29 Rest
13:06 Walk Downs
14:52 Rest
15:30 Side Lunge Windmill
16:21 Rest
17:22 Windmill
18:15 Rest
18:32 Step Back Jacks
19:18 Ski Jacks
20:09 Rest
20:26 Lateral Arm Circles
21:09 Rest
21:26 Body Extensions
22:04 Rest
22:36 Knee Drive
23:07 Rest
23:39 Jumping Jacks
24:20 Rest
25:02 Forward Jump
25:44 Rest
26:17 Slow Burpees
27:14 Rest
27:56 Slow Mountain Climber
28:35 Rest
29:17 Skater Jumps
30:07 Rest
30:44 Walk Downs
32:30 Rest
33:07 Side Lunge Windmill


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