Israel Palestine International Law Symposium – Keynote Address

The Israel, Palestine and International Law symposium was held in Winnipeg September 7-9, 2018 to explore the rights and responsibilities under international law of Palestine, Israel and Canada in the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territory.

In this clip, Michael Lynk explains how international law has largely been ignored or broken by Israel over the past several decades of its occupation of the Palestinian Territory.

Michael Lynk is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Western Ontario. He has written widely on Canadian human rights and labour law. In 2016, Professor Lynk was appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council to become the 7th Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. In this capacity, he issues two reports annually on human rights in the OPT.

The symposium was sponsored by (alphabetical order): Independent Jewish Voices Canada, Mennonite Church Manitoba Working Group on Palestine-Israel, Palestinian Canadian Congress, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, United Jewish People’s Order (Winnipeg) and the Winnipeg Centre Federal Green Party Association. Additional information, including Power Point presentations and other documents will be made available at the conference web site:

Video Production:
Paul S. Graham


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