House Hunting in Israel! We're Moving! New House Tour!

House hunting in Israel with House tours! We’re moving and looking at brand new houses. Empty house tour! Our family is moving from Eilat, Israel to Arad, Israel. Hadar is moving bases to work with a new plane! I’m a strong woman and I shall overcome any obstacle! Rafael has recently been diagnosed with autism and OCD as a toddler. We are moving and go house hunting in Arad, Israel. There is so much do, including packing an entire house because we are moving soon! There are a lot of changes for our family.
Our everyday life in Israel! Hadar, Andrea, baby Rafael & Kitty.
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Andrea used to live in Florida, until she met Hadar on World of Warcraft in 2006. In 2009, Hadar met Andrea in real life, in Israel. They were married April 13, 2010 in the states. Andrea moved to Israel in July of that same year and has been there ever since. Baby Rafael was born November 14, 2012. They film their life every day to show Andrea’s family members back in FL. Andrea is on a mission to lose the baby weight, which is over 100 pounds. Hadar is a soldier in the Air Force in Israel. They currently live in military housing in Eilat, Israel. They are fun loving and happy most of the time. Not every day is good, but this is their reality!


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