Boxing Heavy Bag Workout for Beginners

I give you the structure and input on training with the heavy bag as a beginner boxer. Improve your boxing technique, stamina and skill. We cover 8 rounds of boxing as a beginner. Each round focuses on specific boxing techniques and combinations. If you are a beginner boxer then this is an ideal way to build up your skill set.

In round 1 we focus on the jab, double jab and triple jab.
In round 2 we start to add variations of the right hand off the jab. The straight right, the overhand right, the hook to the body etc.
In round 3 we add the lead hook and other punches off the lead hand such as the lead uppercut and shovel hook.
In round 4 we start all combos off the right hand and we follow that up with two more punches.
In round 5 we start to add head movement with ducking off both the right hand and lead hook.
In round 6 we start to work on the inside by learning how to punch in close.
In round 7 we emphasize boxing footwork and throwing our boxing combinations off of footwork.
In round 8 we work on punch endurance and recovery with high volume boxing combinations.

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