Intragastric Balloon for Weight Loss – Jordan Bariatric Surgeon

In this video a leading bariatric surgeon discusses about intragastric balloon surgery in Jordan. The surgeon also specializes in other weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass, gastric sleeve surgery, lap band, gastric plication and duodenal switch.

In intragastric balloon surgery a soft balloon is placed in the stomach therefore reducing stomach’s capacity. It makes the person feel full and helps avoiding overeating. The surgery takes no longer then 20 mins.

Jordan offers low cost weight surgery when compared to the western countries like US, UK and Australia. The Jordan bariatric surgeon in this video is highly skilled, experienced and internationally trained. People from countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Dubai, Egypt, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq have been visiting Amman, Jordan for an affordable intragastric balloon surgery.

Please click on the above link for more information on Intragastric balloon surgery for weight loss, Jordan.

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