Pakistan कुछ Pre-Conditions के साथ Israel को स्वीकार कर सकता है

The plan has been temporarily ‘stalled’, as perhaps Trump planned it in his fourth year in office. But the circumstances are no longer the same, with the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan having accepted Israel after August 2020, and therefore, a new plan is afoot to smoothen the journey for Israel.

Egypt President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi also told his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, that he intends to broker peace between Israel and Palestine.

It has been learned that during their meeting in Cairo this week, Sissi and Abbas agreed that the Egyptian President would separately invite the Israeli and Palestinian foreign ministers to his country for talks on renewing negotiations. The talks would reportedly be held under the auspices of Egypt, Jordan, France, and Germany.

This news assumes significance as it has come afresh when it is evident that all the 22 Arab states are, sooner or later, going to embrace Israel once the new US President-elect Joseph Biden assumes office, with the exception of Pakistan and Iran.

Pakistan is under tremendous pressure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the UAE to accept Israel, but Pakistan has made it clear that unless the issue of Palestine is settled it won’t accept Israel.

And how is this Palestine issue to be settled? Of course, by the acceptance of the purported two-state formula between Palestine and Israel. If this happens, then apparently, it seems Pakistan will also walk in the steps of the Arabs.

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