Mental Health Israel: Yael Kaner talks with Gabi about Yael's son Eliyahu Kassorla

This video is from Mental Health First Aid Israel. This is the third episode of ‘Inside Mental Health’, a series of ‘Facebook Live’ interviews with people who have been impacted by mental health issues.

On Sunday, November 8, 2020, a courageous Yael Kaner told her story: in March 2020, Yael lost her 33-year-old son, Eliyahu Natan Kassorla, to mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder, when, tragically, he took his life.

In this interview, Yael talks about bipolar disorder, how it affected her son, the impact it had on the lives of her family and how she has managed to go on living in the most agonizing of circumstances. Yael is an inspiration to many and, after listening to her story, we are sure that you will agree.

[Apologies for the poor lighting in Yael’s half of the frame].

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