Grow / Care Curry Leaf Plant Tips by Bhavna

Curry Leaves offer tons of health benefits and I highly recommend to eat everyday. I totally love curry leaves and I make sure to eat everyday. Benefits include weight loss, hair growth, skin glow, and more!
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More Tips:
If you grow it indoors in a container (which is the best method for most American garden zones), make sure you slowly increase the size of the container over the years as the plant grows.

You can propagate curry leaf by seed. It will take 1-2 years for the seedlings to become established. You should pinch and prune them while they are young in order to have a multiple-branched plant that will give you more leaves for harvesting.

If you propagate from seed, you might want to remove the hard outer shell before planting to help it germinate quicker. Make sure to use fresh seeds.

Sometimes, curry leaf has issues with iron deficiency. Once every 6 weeks, you should give it 2 tbsp. of 20% iron sulfate or 1 tsp. of powdered chelate iron or some other iron product for plants.

**During the winter season, your plant’s leaves might turn yellow. This usually means that the plant is about to go dormant and might lose its’ leaves. If your plant goes dormant/loses its’ leaves, cut back on watering in order to prevent root rot.
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