घर में Treadmill क्यों ज़रूरी है ? Why Treadmill should be at home?

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Why should you keep a tread mill in your house? You very well know that health should be top priority, but you do not and perhaps you can not do something for it.

Your family members are gaining weight, and despite all attempts it is not reducing. On the first wedding anniversary of my elder son, Awal and my daughter in law, Sakshi, we planned to gift them a tread mill, as all ornaments, dresses, watches, ties, they already possess and more over every one has a different choice. So ideal gift was a tread mill. and now in 2014, I can firmly say that the tread mill should be in every one’s house.

You might be interested to know the reasons. In todays scenrio of fast life, you can not find time to excercise and workouts. You take the membership of a Gym, but lack of time, you do not go there too. You buy new sports dress, sports shoes and even a new towel, but you hear from your wife and mother, you again wasted your gym membership fee.

When you have the time, the gym is found closed or the time slot for opposite gender. The body builders in gym add to your already low feelings.

If it is in your house, you can do it at your convenient time and intervals. The burning of calories in continuos 5 kilometers and 1 kilometer repeated five times. This is feasible in your home only.

Even if there are old persons in your family, and they can not go out again and again, it helps them too.

Do buy a tread mill for your family, it is available @ 12,000 to 50,000 INR.

Health is and should be your top priority, if you posses a good health only then you will be able to enjoy the success of life.

Dedicating to: India athletes viz. Bhogeswar Baruah
PU Chitra
Durga Deore
Abraham Rajan
Chand Ram
Deena Ram
Basanta Bahadur Rana
Gurbachan Singh Randhawa
Vandana Rao
Ashis Roy
Hari Shankar Roy
Gopal Saini
Vally Sathyabhama
Vandana Shanbagh
J. J. Shobha
Ajit Singh Balla
Mohinder Singh Gill
Ajmer Singh
Amritpal Singh
Bahadur Singh Sagoo
Bharatinder Singh
Bhim Singh
Budhia Singh
Hakam Singh
Hari Singh
Jora Singh
Makhan Singh
Mohinder Singh
Neelam Jaswant Singh
Paramjit Singh
Shakti Singh
Shivnath Singh
Sriram Singh
Surendra Singh
Tarlok Singh
Chitra Soman
Santhi Soundarajan
Preeja Sreedharan
Dharam Singh Uppal
P. T. Usha
M. D. Valsamma
Rakesh Kumar Yadav
Geeta Zutshi

T S Madaan
Motivator | Life Coach


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