Diet for Paralysis Patient

This video provides information about the diet for paralysis patients which helps in the recovery of paralysis.
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Diet of a paralysis patient depends upon the cause of paralysis. As you all know that the major cause of paralysis is brain stroke and it occurs when blood supply to the brain is interrupted by Infarct or brain haemorrhage. These are the two types of stroke which are caused by a blockage or clot in a blood vessel in your brain. Infarct is mostly seen in the patients with long- standing diabetes and high levels of cholesterol.

Always keep in mind to take protein rich food and nutrition food items in diet. Avoid using multi grain flour which includes chana, bajra, bran because it affects the healing of a paralysis patient.
Cereals which are best for paralysis and diabetic patients are wheat and rice. Make sure you use fresh and de-starched rice. De-starching means you have to soak rice in water overnight, so that the excess amount of starch can be drained off.

When you are suffering from paralysis, you need to take extra care of your diet. Avoid dried foods and any food that makes the person weak. It is very important to eat a protein rich diet- in pulses, you can take moong daal as it is high in protein. It’s best to stay away from other pulses like chana dal, urad dal, arhar dal and rajma as they are heavy for digestion.

In non veg items, you can eat 1 egg white .
One food item which is very important for diabetic and paralysis patient is double toned milk. It is full of protein and contains no fat and is good for health of a paralysis patient. Since the patient can’t move often, it also solves the problem of constipation.
Now other foods which you need to prevent if you are a paralysis patient includes salty, sugar and chilly foods.

The major cause of paralysis is brain haemorrhage which occurs when an artery in the brain bursts. This bleeding in the brain mostly happens due to high blood pressure. To control bp, it’s important to stop eating salt and spicy ingredients. When a bp patient stops taking salt, it controls bp and simultaneously increases the efficacy of the medicines.

Avoid eating a lot of sugar and oily food. You have to be careful with these things in your diet-salt, sugar and chilly or oily food.
Patients who are taking medicines from sai sanjivani are advised to not take any sour or acidic food like curd, tomatoes, cheese, lemon, oranges, mausami and grapes. Only one dairy product which you can include in your diet is double toned milk. If you are non-diabetic patient, then avoid eating banana, chiku, papita and diabetic patients can eat these fruits in moderate amount. Now i am going to discuss specific diet instructions which will help you to decide what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

The foods which you should strictly avoid includes curd, pickles, lemon, citrus fruits, sour food items as i explained you earlier. It should be strictly avoided as it decreases the efficacy of our medicines and does not allow the medicines to work properly.

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