Remembered For Good (pt.1)

When God remembers someone, he orders series of supernatural activities in favour of the person and brings about a significant change in the person’s life and circumstances.

The children of Israel groaned because of the hardship they suffered at the hands of the Egyptian taskmasters for many years. Their groanings had lingered for so long that it appeared that they had gone unanswered. But as a covenant keeper, God never forgets his people.
That’s why at the appointed time and in his own way, he brought about a mighty deliverance for them through Moses.

God is ever reliable and he remembers his people to make all things good, to restore and to bless. Child of God your situation will not tarry for much longer, God will surely visit you, answer your prayers and grant your desires. Don’t get tired, don’t lose heart.
Remember that with God all things are possible and once he arrives, great things begin to happen.
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