Why Narcissism is the "Secondhand Smoke" of Mental Health

Spot all the signs of the narcissist in your life, and how to cope:

Narcissism is the secondhand smoke of mental health, according to Dr. Ramani. Here’s why.

We’ve talked to Dr. Ramani about narcissism before, but we’ve NEVER gone this in-depth. Welcome to the MedCircle interview series, Narcissistic Personality Disorder: The “Secondhand Smoke” of Mental Health.

She answers:
Why is narcissism all of a sudden so prevalent?
Why is it so important to talk about & learn about narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)?
What is your experience with NPD?
Why did you decide to specialize in NPD?
What will viewers gain from this series?
What will narcissists gain? (If anything?)
What will supporters gain?

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