POWELL RAISE | Shoulders Workout At Home | KickFitBox

In this workout video, I’ll show you a combination of Powell raise and preacher hummer dumbbell curl exercises. The Powell is a great exercise for strengthening the rhomboids and improving scapular (shoulder blade) stability.
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Choose a weight that will enable you to perform the prescribed number of reps; you don’t want a weight that is too light or too heavy. As a rule of thumb with our corrective and remedial exercises, if you can’t perform the exercise while maintaining good form, then the weight is probably too heavy for you. Proper set up is the most important part of this exercise. This exercise is not really a strength movement.

Daniella Shutov is a kickboxing world champion from Israel who has condensed her experience as a professional athlete into a new workout style known as KickFitBox, a workout program that YOU can now join and practice from the comfort of your own home. Here’s why KickFitBox is the best new fitness program.

After just a few weeks of following these workouts, you will start to look, feel, and perform like a champion. Don’t believe us? Just look at Daniella, remember – every good athlete is the sum of their training.

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