Jesus and Jews – Do Jews believe in Jesus?

Do the Jews believe in Jesus?

The history of Christianity and Judaism began 2000 years ago, with the birth of Jesus, during the Roman rule in the Land of Israel. The Jewish establishment and the Jews refused to accept Jesus as they refused to accept other active sects and tried to influence Judaism.

It was more than 300 years before Christianity became the state religion in the Roman Empire and spread to the rest of Europe.

Christianity blamed the Jews for the murder of Jesus and presented the Jews with two options: wretched existence as proof of the failure of the “Old Testament” or conversion. The church did its best to make both possibilities occur.

Despite the endless violence, persecution, pogroms, discrimination, anti-Semitism, the Jews did not convert and refused to believe in Jesus and accept Him as the Messiah.

There were, of course, quite a few conversions, especially during the Inquisition, when the pressure was unbearable, but it was a spotty event in history. Conversions from Judaism to Christianity continued in different places, but these were individuals’ conversions rather than large groups.

One of the thirteen tenets of Judaism is the belief in the coming of the Messiah. Maimonides has defined parameters for identifying the Messiah to prevent religious confusion that could lead to disaster.

The Messiah is the one who will free the people of Israel from the bondage of the Gentiles and allow the people of Israel a peaceful life in the Land of Israel.

Of course, Jesus did not lead the Jewish people to a life of peace, and worse, the European faith in Jesus caused the Jews only suffering and sorrow. Also, Christianity saw Jesus as the Son of God or the incarnation of God in man, a belief that is entirely unacceptable in Judaism.

There have been two notable cases of people identified as the Messiah, Saturn Deer, and Jacob Frank in Jewish history.

In the case of Shabbatai Zevi, a great movement was created, and many were tempted to believe that he was indeed the Messiah. The story ended sadly after he converted to Islam. Jacob Frank also attracted a cult of believers, but he too eventually converted from Judaism to Christianity.

In modern times, the best-known case is that of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Chabad movement. The Rebbe was one of the most revered people in the Jewish world, and many sought to develop it.

After his death, several Chabad people declared him the Messiah. It has led to significant controversy within Chabad, and to this day, decades after his death, some still believe he was the Messiah.

In conclusion, although the belief in the coming of the Messiah is one of the most basic principles in Judaism, the Jews did not believe in Jesus as the Messiah nor in anyone else who came after him and claimed himself, or by his believers, to be the Messiah.


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