Mediterranean diet health benefits – This is REALLY what you need to know

The health benefits of a Middle Eastern diet are not new. A long line of studies has already demonstrated between a Middle Eastern diet and significant health and mental benefits, such as brain and heart function, disease prevention, prevention of various cancers, assistance in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

There is no doubt that the health benefits of a Middle Eastern diet were already meant to persuade anyone to adopt it quickly. But there is another very significant part in the Middle Eastern diet compared to other diets. Some diets run like a “military operation.”

You decide to adopt them, mobilize all your mental strength, give up many foods you love, start the diet with great enthusiasm, lose a few pounds, and break down after a month or two. Is this reality familiar to you? It is typical for almost anyone on a diet.

The reason is that many diets go against our plan, against food that is available to us relatively quickly, against our and our family’s tastes, and sometimes also causes direct damage to health. There are quite a few extreme diets that suddenly bring down a group of foods we have been accustomed to since we were born, carb-free diet, fat-free diet, a fat-free and carb-free diet, and more and more and more.

The Middle Eastern diet is different; it includes lots of foods based on fruits, vegetables, olive oil, olives, and legumes. If you eat meat, so do seafood, chicken, and beef.

If you are vegetarian, then without meat, and if you are vegan, without animal food products. And yet, the variety of foods you are allowed to eat is wide. It is no problem to stick to the Middle Eastern diet for many years. If you cook for your family, you can cook lots of delicious dishes. If cooking for you, it is not complicated; there are no requirements that are too special or too sophisticated.


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