Afterburn | Thoughts, Q&A on Love and Torah | Part 13

Some of the topics covered are:
• What keeps us “aware” of living by Torah?
• What is a “Torahmeter”?
• How can you become stunted in your spiritual growth? [22:07]
• What about prayer and our communication with the Father? [25:57]
• What is “brain sorting”? [38:37]

… and much more!

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Afterburn: also known in the world of fitness as the “afterburn effect”, simply put; The more intense the exercise, the more oxygen your body consumes afterward.

The same could be true as you build up your spiritual self. After an intense teaching session, you need answers as more thoughts and questions consume you in your spiritual growth.

Rabbi Steve Berkson, director of MTOI, provides an opportunity for the Afterburn to take place by additional thoughts and insight about what he just taught as well as answering questions from the local congregation and those watching the live stream.

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