Trump Amazing Music Video

Music video based on various clips from major news outlets overlaid with Kanye West song Amazing.

Music credit goes to Kanye West Amazing ft. Jeezy

I don’t own the music or images used in this video, nor do I claim to. I do not make any profit of the music or images used in this video, nor do I intend to. All of the monetization gets automatically directed towards the rights holders. If you would like this video taken down, please contact me through my channel’s about page and I will take it down. love u.

This film is separate into 4 parts:
1. Trump’s positions on things and why he got his support:
a. Strong belief in law and order and condemns Antifa and BLM for instigating riots and civil unrest
b. Reduce sentences for victimless crimes
c. Building border law and enhancing border security
d. Support for Veterans
e. Corporate Tax Cuts and pursuit to grow domestic economy
f. Constitutionally aligned Supreme Court Justices
g. Love of country
2. Trump’s interactions with other world leaders
a. Shinzō Abe – Japan
b. Middle East Peace Deal with Israel
c. Boris Johnson – UK
d. Vladimir Putin of Russia in Helsinki
e. Benjamin Netanyahu – Israel
f. Narendra Modi – India
g. Andrés Manuel López Obrador – Mexico
h. Jair Bolsonaro – Brazil
i. Xi JinPing – China
j. Kim Jung Un – North Korea
3. Trump’s Support Groups
a. Women for Trump
b. Blacks for Trump
c. Latinos for Trump
d. Chinese Americans for Trump
e. Boats for Trump (Florida)
f. Traffic for Trump
g. Trucks for Trump
h. Bikers for Trump
i. Farmers for Trump
j. Forgiato Blow – famous conservative rapper
k. Various Trump rallies around the world
4. Some of Trump’s Public Allies that have stood by him
a. Mike Pence
b. Melania and Ivanka Trump
c. Don Jr. (and Jorge Masvidal – Fighters Against Socialism)
d. Eric and Laralea Trump
e. Katrina Pearson – Advisor to the President
f. Hope Hicks – Advisor to the President
g. Mark Meadows – White House Chief of Staff
h. Social Media influencers – Benny Johnson, The Typical Liberal, Fleccas, DC Draino
i. Famous Celebrities, Rappers, and Sports CEOs – Jon Voight, Dana White, 50 Cent
j. Kayleigh McEnany – White House Spokeswoman
k. Sarah Huckabee Sanders – White House Spokeswoman
l. Kellyanne Conway – Campaign Advisor
m. Kanye West

There are various interludes for more followers, Russia Collusion Hoax, and contentious relationship with the press.


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