The Miniature Earth (with music by John Lennon)

This video is not made by me, but by another user before. Luckily I downloaded it before it was taken down.

Frankly, while I like the other versions with original music, they pale in front of the awesomeness that John Lennon had conveyed in his song “Imagine”. I find it most fitting to the idea behind the Miniature Earth, and so please enjoy this version, and think about what we need to do.

BTW, I just bought a copy of the song from iTunes today, so EMI had no excuses to claim that I pirated the song off the internet.

p.s. Maybe I should state it more clearly: I can’t say this for Lennon, but I bet he would love this video as much as anyone do, and probably license his song as Creative Commons for sharing. If only he was still alive…


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