TOM ROSENBERG | His special talent, mindset and advice | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #26

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Welcome to this episode of our Interview series where I take the most successful and known calisthenics and street workout athletes from all around the world and ask them about their mindset, workout advice and their story. Today’s guest is a Freestyle Athlete from Israel, the national Champion from 2018, Tom Rosenberg. We’re talking about why the mindset is so important, how to start with Calisthenics and of course about his story, tips and hacks. Enjoy this episode and feel free to support this series with a thumbs up if you liked it! #calisthenics #interview #athleteinsider

00:00 Welcome
00:37 Who is Tom Rosenberg?
03:46 Hard facts (Age, weight, height, …)
06:05 How did he get in touch with Calisthenics?
11:20 His daily routines
18:38 His competition workout schedule
28:44 His training schedule now (2 days/week)
31:04 His opinion to training with rings
32:07 Does he train weighted Calisthenics?
33:55 How is it to have a twin brother?
41:08 His nutrition
45:40 His goals
50:25 Best advice for calisthenics beginners
54:19 Quick questions, quick answers
01:08:34 How to contact Tom

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You want to find Tom on social media? Here you are:
Mail: [email protected]



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