Kingdom Lights Ministry ( KLM)

Gmail:[email protected] – prayer requests
857-654-3972 – spiritual counseling

“ Your Good Enough For God & His Son Jesus “

“ Lord let your Holy Presence be so great
upon my Soul that I may be in this
world one of your greatest Kingdom Lights”

Jesus says
“ Nor do they light a lamp and then put
it under a bushel basket; it is set on a
lamp stand, where it gives light to all in
the house. Just so, your light must shine
before others, that they may see your good
deeds and glorify your Heavenly Father “ Matthew 5:15

KLM is a Ministry of Healing and Deliverance for all but specifically the Millennial generation

During a Daniel Fast then extended 3 days “ Esther Fast “ as did Queen Esther when praying for the nation of Israel not to be annihilated from within the Persian Kingdom I prayed for Gods Will in my life

I was visited by an Angel pouring incense over me then Our Lord Jesus Christ came to me gave me the name Kingdom Lights Ministry ( KLM not to be confused with the other kingdom light – singular- ministry out of Florida I believe )

Our Lord asked me to begin to teach, preach, heal and deliver the supernatural power of the. Holy Spirit to those faithful who still believe in Him and give testimony to His name and keep His commandments; especially those later reign “ Kingdom Lights” that will be in the final battle of light against dark in these end of day’s

I am in dialogue with Kayla D. and we will discuss current events, recent healing and deliverances and do some bible study. We will be uploading that link shortly.

We hope you will call in with your needs, I have been doing this ministry for over 20 years and have delivered prophecy to leaders of countries,
Churches and many people to aid in their direction and spiritual salvation through Jesus Christ

You may call for private prayer at 857-654-3972
Or email: [email protected]

I have seen mental health healings of all kinds, physical healings, deliverance from bondage to the demonic and loves made anew in the process of salvation through the loving Mercy and grace of Jesus Yeshua in Hebrew the Christ , the Nazarene who suffered died and resurrected for us to know the way He bought us with his blood sacrifice ; Jesus was perfectly obedient and fulfilled His purpose and so must we now !

Jesus is asking you to go the narrow path to Eternal life hereafter and “ follow me “ Jesus. As we are trained in His gifts we as that remnant will receive the greatest glory from Heaven the world has ever seen and they will be called my Kingdom Lights “ following Mathew 5:15

This ministry is one which strives to bring life more abundantly through revelation of Gods powerful Mercy, Healing, Deliverance and Teachings.

I will be interviewing with Kayla to discuss current issues, in the world today youth struggle with and the miracles that today are still relevant as they were thousands of years ago when Yeshua ( Jesus the Christ – Anointed One of God ) walked the Earth

His return is coming and we will cover topics such as addiction and the pain of this work and how God is moving mightily to raise up the remnant which includes youth to receive the the greatest glory God has ever poured out specifically for the United States

All are welcome to listen and feel the powerful Presence of the Living God and taste His goodness , Mercy & Love

We will be posting a bible study on zoom and will give you this address as soon as we have that ready

God Bless You ! We welcome you with open arms and the love of God be Upon you all !


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