Yigal ARBIV I.K.M.A ISRAEL Personal Master Trainer

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yigal arbiv’s Summary
Yigal Arbiv (5th Degree Black Belt) is one of Grandmaster Haim Gidon’s senior instructors and has trained with Grandmaster Gidon for 35 years. After serving in an elite paratroop unit as a weapons specialist, Yigal attended Wingate, Israel’s national sports institute, an exclusive training academy for instructors and coaches, where Yigal received his krav maga coaching certification. Yigal is a security professional Alpha Fitness Gym Director Faunder of: I.K.M.A ISRAEL FIGHTING&FITNESS and 5th Degree Black Belt Israeli krav maga Gidon System instructor teaching in several schools in Israel. Yigal regularly travels abroad to teach law enforcement and civilians. Yigal was featured in www.realfighting.com for krav maga’s weapon defenses. Yigal has received special commendations from several American law enforcement agencies. Yigal sits on the IKMA’s professional committee for krav maga technique development and IKMA grades committee and IKMA grades committee
hend to hend combat ,weapons specialist and security professional

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Yigal Arbiv
Professional Committee
Israeli Krav Maga Association
Gidon System
A direct continuation of imi`s system
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cell: 09725546925927


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