Helping Gaza- How Mental Health is Affected by Trauma

Bill Slaughter returns to perspectives to further discus his experiences in Gaza. As we learned in the previous episode, Dr. Bill Slaughter works in mental health in the health care field in Boston and is a board member for the Gaza Mental Health Foundation. Dr. Slaughter also spends his time volunteering in the Middle East. Slaughter volunteers in countries such as Israel and Palestine, specifically In Gaza. Dr. Slaughter uses is expertise in treating mental illness and promoting mental health in these areas by training his colleges in how to cope with trauma from a young age and into adult hood. Slaughter uses many different techniques. Slaughter talks about how when he is visiting these countries, he is learning as much as he is teaching. There were even times in Gaza that Dr. Slaughter experienced active bombing in the area. He was able to understand a portion of the fear these people are faced with every day. He shares with us different sources we can use in order to get more involved and in touch with his line of work to help make a difference all the way from America. We don’t have to feel as though we are unable to help because we are in a different country. There are resources that we can use.


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