5:22 – Could an 58 year old man stay on 400 test and 200 deca for life? Ive been on that exact amount for 3 straight years and ALL my blood work just came back in within range. Had full comprehensive panel and second time in the 3 years. I know you can only make an educated guess with no studies on this out there.
8:05 – Hey Dave, my arms lack size compared to the rest of my body parts, what are multiple things to do to combat this.
12:45 – Dave’s thoughts on UFC champion, Israel Adesanya’s new GYNO in his right pec displayed at UFC 253. What can cause gyno in a 30-year old world champion??
17:29 – Vegan Gains on OnlyF**
23:30 – Tips for faster recovery after leg day?
25:53 – Heard a Dr on the John Meadows youtube channel say it could take up to 3 years to get natural test production going again? I went off trt for 8 weeks and levels dropped to 58, taking hcg for the first 4 weeks. How were you able to come off and get your levels back up or is a person to person thing?
29:26 – Dave, thoughts on switching to a short ester test 5 weeks out from a show so you can easily manage test level on peak week if you want to run zero test into show day to reduce water retention? Or does it not matter what your test levels are and only estrogen matters?
31:52 – If i do heavy deadlifts for example on Monday and i squat on Wednesday, my lower back is still sore and its limiting my strength. Any advice on how to cope with this besides one more rest day between squatting and deadlifting?
33:50 – Who had the best rear lat spread ever, Dorian or Ronnie?

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