Portrait Series: Shalhavit Simcha Cohen — Creator of Posifest Discusses Mental Health and the Arts

In this interview Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen and I discuss her creation of Posifest, mental wellness, and personal success in overcoming her own eating disorders. “

With the vision of connecting Wellness Education with Entertainment, I re-package academic research on Mental Wellness into accessible formats such as performances, music videos and seminars. A second year PhD researcher in Edinburgh and the proud director of PosiFest.

Winner of Harvard University’s Bok Prize for Public Engagement. I worked on the Harvard Happiness class, developed MITx’s Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and today lecture on topics such as Motivation, Networking, User Experience, Business and Authenticity.

Proceeding the title “Miss Fitness Israel” in 2011 I publicly recognized my eating disorder struggles. Today I am a voice in promoting body diversity through social media, art and performance.

I Love People, I love to Dance, and I love YOU person reading this!”

IG: @posifest and @shalhavitsimcha


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