Musicians Who May Have Sold Their Souls For A Paycheck

People in desperate situations will often do anything to make ends meet, but when you’re already rich and successful, you haven’t got much of an excuse. These are the musicians who sold their souls for paychecks that they probably didn’t even need.

Demi Lovato has long been open about her struggle with bulimia, which is exactly what made her April 2017 sponsored Instagram post so shocking to her fans. In the since-deleted photo from April 2017, the “Anyone” singer promoted detox tea, claiming the product was part of a 30 day detox challenge she had undertaken to get rid of toxins and prevent bloating.

But critics of detox tea claim that it doesn’t shed anything beyond water weight, and its effects on both the user’s physical and mental health can be devastating. Six months later, Lovato revealed in her Simply Complicated documentary that she struggles with her eating disorder even more than she does with her other mental health issues, which include bipolar disorder and addiction.

And that wasn’t the only post of Lovato’s that ticked off the Lovatics. In October 2019, Lovato posted photos from a trip she’d taken to Israel to be baptized in the Jordan River. Fans criticized her for being insensitive to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. She later apologized for accepting the trip, which she claimed she had taken in exchange for social media exposure, and which she insisted was not a political statement.

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