Health, Wellness and Mindful Leadership with Ancient Healing Music

Access the healing power of your voice and remain calm, clear and confident in the midst of change.

In ancient times, wordless voice and rhythm was applied to reduce stress, increase focus, health and well-being. Historical references have been linked to use during transitions e.g. birth, end of life, meditation.

Voices of Eden music has been medically researched and proven to reduce stress, increase focus and quality of sleep.

It is used as an intergenerational community builder, mindfulness training, memory building and aid in birth. Download a free music meditation at: How did the ancient Israelites make music?

The biblical prophetess Miriam, Moses’ sister, lead the Israelites across the parted seas. Eliana Gilad sings and plays the worlds oldest drums in ancient sites of Galilee in the Holy land, creating inner quiet and peace, one voice at a time.


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