The cannabis garden that brings wellness and wellbeing to patients | M. Corral, Cannafest 2015

Mike Corral speaking at Cannafest 2015.

Abstract: This presentation will explore the relationship between patients and doctors and the direct participation of patientsin a medical marijuana garden. Many patients are alienated by the society because of their illness. This alienation comes in many forms. One important form is the personal feelings of the patients of not being able to contribute to the society in general but also feeling helpless in the face of their own illnesses. This helplessness is a major factor in their overall wellbeing. A part of this helplessness comes from the isolation brought by the illness itself but also because Western culture views those that cannot be productive as second class citizens. The collective model of a medical marijuana garden with patients’ participation can change this. In a garden of this type patients become valuable and productive members of the society once again. They are transformed by a place where other people understand illness and do not judge them as inferior. A place where they can go to get out of their homes and break the cycle of isolation. A place where they can directly seize the opportunity to work on their own wellness. In this garden they can touch, smell and see the plants that will play a key role in their wellbeing. It is a mutually beneficial environment. The plants will enhance the wellbeing of the patients and the patients will enhance the wellbeing of the plants. This presentation hopes to show that gardens of this type may and should be an integral part of any medical marijuana program anywhere in the world.

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