High Plant-Fat Diet Promotes Disease – PART 2 OF FATS

Low-fat plant-based is the ONLY diet proven to reverse heart disease, prevent or reverse some cancers, and extend life. Research began in 1927, and it’s been well established for at least 70 years that by lowering total fat intake using a plant-based diet, you can reverse heart disease. Those who champion a higher fat plant-based diet must ignore a century of research to do so. This is Part 2 of a two part series on the relationship between health and fat content of plant based diets.

To watch PART ONE of this series, to here:


1927 Study by Sweeney:

1934 study by Himsworth:

Studies by Dr Morrison:

Pritikin research:

Nathan Pritikin Autopsy report in JAMA:

(I have a copy)

Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome

Higher estrogen translated to a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Dietary Fat Consumption and Survival Among Women With Breast Cancer

Here’s another study Dr Barnard writes about –

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