TV for your mental health

What should you watch to stay mentally healthy when you’re stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic?

0:15 – TV and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic
0:58 – What exactly is mental health?
2:19 – Rule #1 – Be intentional
6:30 – Rule #2 – Get transported
9:25 – Rule #3 – Create connection
13:17 – Rule #4 – Make it memorable

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* Psychologists explore the type and frequency of breaks we need to refuel our energy and enhance our well-being:
* Binge-watching motivates change: Uses and gratifications of streaming video
viewers challenge traditional TV research :
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* The Unexpected Joy of Repeat Experiences:
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* Netflix Party:
* How to Turn Off Autoplay on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime:
* Geek Therapy community:
* Free Video Streaming Services to Help Save Cash During Coronavirus Isolation:
* HBO is making a ton of TV shows and movies free to non-subscribers:
* ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Is Now Free For Everyone And You Should Absolutely Watch It:
* Battlestar Galactica Makes All Four Seasons Free to Watch Online:

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