Israel Perfume Aisle SMELLY GOOD! – August 3, 2013 – FoolyLiving Vlog

Our everyday life in Israel! Hadar, Andrea, baby Rafael & Kitty.
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HISTORY of US: We met online on World of Warcraft. Andrea moved to Israel to live with Hadar and now we have a baby named Rafael. More babies to come, God-willing. We are good to people and love to have fun in this very short life. Subscribe to us to see daily videos of our life. Andrea deals with social anxiety and is a stay at home mommy and Hadar works in the Air Force. Baby Rafael and Kitty are just honey badgers!

We are documenting our life in Israel so that Andrea’s family can watch baby Rafael grow up. Her family lives in Florida.

I hope you find a laugh here or there in our daily vlogs. If you want to leave suggestions, I am completely open to that and it will not hurt my feelings. I actually welcome you to leave a comment – so please… Leave a comment and let me know what you really think. Take care!

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