Hamam Omerye, Wellness, Cyprus

Welcome to the fairytale, welcome to hamam Omerye. The completely renovated place of hamam was designed with harmony and elegance in order to offer you unique experiences. A small paradise in old Nicosia creates a universe  condusive to a daydreaming and getaway from the daily routine. 

The Hamam with its impressive dome and beautiful stone architecture was built next to the city’s main mosque in 1570 by the Ottamans who ruled Cyprus. The new hamam was dedicated to Caliph Omar and the whole area quickly became known as ‘Omeriye’. Over the years the hamam fell into disrepair and it was closed in 2002. Over the following three years, the hamam was painstakingly restored to capture its original character and when it re-opened it quickly became popular as the perfect way to ‘step back in time’ and to relax after a busy week at work! In 2006, the restored Omeriye Hamam was awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra award.

By Our Local Expert: Marianna Lyra Stavride


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