Charles Poliquin: training and diet for experts – questions and answers

Versione Italiana: – Here it is the third of six videos chosen from the “Superman Sale” course which include Charles Poquelin’s speech, our honorable guest.

Here you have the other videos of Charles Poliquin at Superman Vendita:

Here what you’ll discover:
– How to train your body to stay healthy at any age;

– The reasons why staying too much in front of your laptop or smartphone sentence you to a premature ageing;

– The “Naris trick”: how to increase your energy;

– The reason why the “alkaline diet” is a fake;

– How to optimize your breakfast to gain a better oustanding in your job;

– And so much more…

Perhaps Charles passed out and he cannot be here with us but what he taught surely will help millions of people remaining healthy choosing a correct and balanced diet and lifestyle.
If you want to honor his memory, doing something good like he did through his entire life, offer even just 1€ to his “Destiny Rescue” association built to help those philippines girls who are victims of sex trade.


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