Highlights of Ethical Dilemmas in Setting Mental Health Services -Ethics of Public Policy

Dr.Tal Bergman Levy, Head of Mental Health Division, Medical Directorate, Ministry of Health, Israel.
Abstract: How do we plan health systems? How do we plan mental health systems? Who are the major stakeholders in this game, what are their interests and what are the tensions, share interests and motivations in navigating the system? The mental health systems has been in the past three years in the center of a robust public discussion unveiling various dilemmas clinical, political and ethical.

Highlights of these complex dilemmas will be presented in the lecture. We shell discuss the Mental Health Reform that formally began on July 2012 and has mended a severe distortion when finally after more than two decades the responsibility of treatment of the citizens mental health was transferred from the government to the sick funds- the HMO’s that provide health services by a specific legislation to the public – creating mind- body cohesive treatment by integration. We shell then turn and inspect the process of reducing the usage of restriction measurements ( mechanical restrains and seclusion ) in the treatment of hospitalized acute psychiatric patients in mental health wards the its implication on the services and subsequently we shall challenge all mental health “hospitalization” systems by exploring the test case of the model of social balancing houses for acute exacerbation of mental illness within the domain of community care.

Medicine and Law (2018) 37:2(2) (Guest Editor: Oren Asman), WAML and The Bioethics and Law Initiative, Tel Aviv University


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