Recent Advances in the Genetics and Neurobiology of Mental Health – Social and Ethical ImplicaItions

Prof. Steven Kushner, Professor of Neurobiological Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Abstract: The history of mental health research is largely defined by valiant efforts to understand some of the most consequential and enigmatic diseases of humankind. However, there are a number of very significant examples which are deeply instructive of the ease with which such endeavors, if not carefully considered, can lead to dangerous medical, ethical and legal scenarios. The breathtaking pace at which neuroscience and genetics are currently advancing has been widely lauded for its potential to unlock the secrets of the human brain, and finally reveal clinically-relevant insights into the nature of mental health disorders. But how can we learn from the lessons of the past to avoid repeating similar mistakes in the future? What issues are already foreseeable, and what emerging technologies should be giving us pause for deeper consideration?

Medicine and Law (2018) 37:2(2) (Guest Editor: Oren Asman), WAML and The Bioethics and Law Initiative, Tel Aviv University


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