Largest military exercise in history- US & Israel- plan

r3VOLt23 22.11.2011
Expensive wargames as Americans
go hungry, jobless, and homeless, world is in revolt. Warmongers are setting army’s
We can see who is aiming to control and rule this world
NWO army. Who is serving whom,..
That is the question!?

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More than 5,000 US and Israeli forces will take part in the war drills, said Shapiro, in a Saturday speech at the Israeli-sponsored think tank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). He reportedly did not mention a specific time and location for what observers have described as part of the new US-led publicity campaign aimed at raising the threat level against Iran.

The joint military maneuver will simulate Israel’s ballistic missile system and will allow Washington to ‘learn from’ Tel Aviv’s experience in warfare, the senior American official added.

Shapiro also reiterated that the administration of US President Barack Obama would extend unconditional support for the Israeli regime, reported the major Israeli daily Haaretz.

”Our security relationship with Israel is broader, deeper and more intense than ever before,” Shapiro said, adding that Israel’s military edge was a “top priority” for the administration.

The United States has been annually giving the Israeli regime billions of dollars in military and economic aid packages since its establishment in 1948. Currently, USD 3 billion of American tax-payers money is granted annually to the Tel Aviv regime as part of the US foreign aid package.

Shapiro emphasized that the Obama administration would continue to honor the hefty aid package to Israel over the next ten years, “even in challenging budgetary times.”

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