CIA – street workout israel – 2013

This video made in 26/1/2013 -from training session of
CIA – Calisthenics Israel Association representers:

Nikita Kurtin
Avi Asaf
Misha Pogorelski
Aviv Halevy
Roi Benyakar

come visit us in Purim meeting – 24/2/2013

In this video there you can find high level elements such as:
One arm front lever
One arm One finger pull ups on bar
One arm flag
One arm Back lever
One finger front lever
One finger Back lever
Human flag with One finger each hand
Human flag pull ups
Close grip human flag -side flag
Spear flag
Iron cross on rings
Planche on rings
Hand stand on rings
Iron cross front lever on rings – wide front lever
Eifel tower press up – Wide handstand
One hand balancind
Full planche
Planche on bar
Diamond planche

and many more

music credit:


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