Drugstore MAKEUP in Israel – Fun trip for Boys! Mini haul!

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I wanted some eyeshadow because I only have a few color singles, so I decided to drag all the men I could find to the drugstore to buy makeup with me. They didn’t really appreciate it, but they made it out alive so all is well.

We looked at liquid eyeliner, eye liner that you apply with a brush in black, green, and blue, Mascara with a crazy big wand, Lada Gaga perfume, loose eye shadow, cream eyeshadow pen, some blush and bronzer packs, and we glanced over some foundation and lipsticks. This stuff is about $5 to $10 more than the states would charge for things, I am assuming. I ended up getting 2 eye shadow colors that will last me my whole life since I don’t wear makeup but once a week or so. Hope you’re having an awesome day!

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